Secured Loan has chosen Euroansa, the leading credit brokerage company in Italy, as a consultant for secured loans.

A secured loan is generally used when substantial amounts need to be financed, and is in fact suitable to finance transactions like the purchase or renewal of a real estate property. It requires a real property as collateral (mortgage), thus allowing repayment plans to be developed in the long term and interest rates being significantly lower than in other forms of financing. With a secured loan, people make the purchases they consider most important for them. Therefore, given the number of years it will involve in their future life, it is crucial to have a professional support, during the set-up phase of the transaction, so as to choose the best solution. Looking for your ideal secured loan? Euroansa cooperates with all the main Italian banks, and therefore offers the best conditions on the market! Moreover, it supports you throughout the whole application procedure: from the approval of the loan to the signing of the agreement. Contact us now for a free consultancy!