1. Specialised single point of contact


2. Consultancy for the company mission


3. UNI:11402 certificate



Our strong point, the one that makes us stand out among all the other industry operators, is certainly our consultancy service. Any entrepreneur, professional or company we assist is assigned to a highly specialized Euroansa consultant, who becomes the single reference for the customer and is able to assess a company’s history and its existing potential, as well as to help setting its future goals. Euroansa thus becomes an external partner having a preparatory role in the development of a company’s mission. An interlocutor acting as a real intermediary between the administrative and the economic-financial management of a company.


It is a path developed through a family consultancy conceived as objective, with no link to the products, taking into account the whole life cycle and the different phases in the lives of the people while also considering the changes in the needs, income and composition of the family, with the aim of helping them achieve the goals they have set for themselves, such as purchasing a house, paying for their children’s university or enjoying a serene retirement.. The consultancy is developed according to the method certified according to UNI 11402, and with the help of specific software (Life Maps) allowing the creation of simulations by putting together all the economic aspects of life and evaluating the opportunities and effects of one’s choices for the future as well as the way the different aspects interact.